Slit Valve Doors

For extended life, improved performance and reduced total cost of ownership

Slit Valve DoorPPE provides a wide range of bonded Slit Valve Door (SVD) designs coupled with an extensive range of high purity elastomer seals developed specifically for aggressive semiconductor sealing applications. 

Shaped non bonded gate seals are also available in specific customized cross-sections to improve fitment and reduce stress related wear.

PPE’s range of slit valve doors includes flat and L-motion type bonded doors and MONOVAT® gates that offer the ultimate in plasma resistance, reduced particle formation and long term reliable mechanical performance.  

Utilizing a range of high performance elastomers, PPE’s slit valve doors are designed to provide the highest sealing integrity , delivering improved yields, increased time between PM cycles and minimized particle generation.

A customized design service is available to engineer both new or, existing bonded slit valve door products.

Features of PPE Slit Valve Doors

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