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German dairy deploys Detectaseal to improve hygienic processing

Concerned about the risk of rubber seal contamination, a dairy in Germany has replaced its NBR elastomer seals in stainless steel pipework connections with Detectaseal® metal detectable seals.


The dairy’s processing pipework is routinely cleaned with steam up to 130ºC after each batch, and disassembled to clean and check the pipe seals. Over time, repeated clean-in-place, sterilisation and seal handling/refitting can damage the seals. As the seal degrades, there is a risk of rubber fragments breaking off, leading to product contamination. In addition, hygienic processing conditions are compromised and the broken seal surface itself can provide a potential site for the effective growth of micro-organisms.



Detectaseal® is a range of FDA compliant, metal detectable elastomers designed to help dairy companies reduce the risk of rubber seal contamination during cheese and dairy processing.

The Germany dairy decided to take pre-emptive preventative measures, replacing their existing elastomeric seals with an NBR grade of Detectaseal®. Trials of Detectaseal® were conducted by shredding the seal and testing to see whether the dairy’s production line metal detectors would pick up the pieces of elastomer material. These initial trials were successful, with fragments as small as 5mm detected.

The dairy has now installed NBR Detectaseal® throughout the plant, in a range of O-ring sizes for DN20 – DN100 screw pipe fittings.



By installing Detectaseal® across the facility, the customer has improved the hygiene and safety of its process lines, safeguarding the end consumer against the risks of rubber contamination.

Additionally, PPE’s precision moulding of the O-rings is reducing the incidence of incorrect fitting during cleaning operations.


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