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Component Design Service

PPE offers a comprehensive design and modelling service for seals, custom molded elastomers and bonded components.

Typical services include:

  • Material recommendations, based upon chemical and mechanical constraints.
  • O-ring size optimization to maximize sealing efficiency and life.
  • Groove size recommendations.
  • Custom seal design.

PPE application engineers design components using SolidWorks®, which offers three dimensional parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities. Design intent is captured once into CAD and then reused to drive all design and manufacturing processes; from 2D & 3D non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS®, through tool manufacture, to 3D work instructions and 2D inspection drawings.

PPE is design certified to ISO 9001:2008; our team of designers capture customer requirements and translate these into hardware recommendations and custom designs. Various formats of electronic drawings are accepted including IGES, STEP, PARASOLID, PRO-E®, Inventor, DXF, DWG, plus many others, these can be imported into SolidWorks® for our team of design engineers to work with. Components are designed in 3D CAD, and when required, are validated using FEA.

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