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Semiconductor O-rings

Semiconductor O-ringsWith more than 40 years of industry experience in cleanroom manufacturing and supplying elastomer O-rings, the world’s leading semiconductor fabs, foundries, and OEMs trust Precision Polymer Engineering to provide reliable and effective sealing solutions for their critical applications.

Semiconductor processing environments present significant challenges for elastomer seals. PPE’s high-performance elastomer O-rings meet these application challenges, which often involve extreme heat, aggressive plasma, hot wet chemicals, amines, and remote NF3 cleaning.

As the Semiconductor industry evolves, PPE develops new high-performance elastomers that offer high purity, chemical resistance, plasma resistance and high temperature capability O-rings, which are all extensively tested in our in-house elastomer laboratories.

An extensive material portfolio including Perlast®, Perlast® Helios, Nanofluor®, Kimura® offers unique O-ring solutions, which can reduce particle generation, extend seal life, and minimise replacement time during preventive maintenance.

  • Semiconductor O-ring Applications:

    A semiconductor process, combined with the set of environmental variables relevant to that process, will determine which type of elastomer is most suitable for your specific application.

    • Die preparation
    • Integrated Circuit Packaging
    • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
    • Deposition
    • Electroplating
    • Etch
    • Subfab / Vacuum Pumps
    • Valves
    • Wafer Handling / Pads
    • Wet Cleaning and Surface Preparation
  • Benefits of High Performance O-rings:
    • High purity
    • Plasma resistance
    • High temperature capability
    • Reduced contamination
    • Long life
    • Resistance to reactive fluids and poisonous doping agents
    • Thermal resistance
    • Chemical resistance
    • Minimal particles
    • Vacuum resistance
    • Imperviousness to corrosive gases
    • Clean room grade
  • Semiconductor O-ring Sizes

    Precision Polymer Engineering manufactures fully molded elastomer O-rings from 1.5mm (0.06") to 2.5 metres (8ft) outer diameter, and 0.8mm (0.03") to 12mm (0.47") cross section. Rubber O-rings can be manufactured in both small and large volumes, from just 1 O-ring up to 1 million+.

    A comprehensive range of molds for standard O-ring sizes BS1806, BS4518, AS568 and ISO3601. For non-standard O-ring seals we can produce custom tooling very quickly (92% of O-ring tools are produced same day) providing cost effective solutions and a more responsive service. Our manufacturing lead-times are some of the shortest in the sealing industry.

    Need help sizing your hardware for standard size O-rings? Consult our easy-to-use O-ring groove dimensions tool.

  • Custom Designed Semiconductor O-rings:

    Custom O-ring design can help to achieve the optimum performance from your Semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Precision Polymer Engineers offer a Component Design Service and modelling service for Semiconductor O-rings. 

  • Benefits of using Finite Element Analysis (FEA):

    O-ring seal design can be optimised using Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) to minimise high concentrations of localized stresses. Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) is a computer-based technique used to analyse Semiconductor engineering applications and sealing components to understand their behaviour under a variety of conditions.

  • Perlast® O-rings:

    Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) are the exclusive manufacturers of high purity Perlast® O-rings. The Perlast® range of perfluoroelastomer materials for semiconductor applications are at the leading edge of polymer technology. They have been developed to offer superior sealing solutions with enhanced performance and improved functionality. 

Semiconductor Processes

Discover which Perlast® materials are recommended for semiconductor processes

Semiconductor Material Brands

Our own elastomer material bands used within Semiconductor processes.

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Other Semiconductor Sealing Products

Elastomer sealing products typically used within Semiconductor processes.

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