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High temperature resistant seals

Perlast Helios G7HAPerlast® Helios G7HA is the first material in the Perlast® Helios range developed to increase yields and reduce process contamination in semiconductor applications.

Perlast® Helios G7HA features:

  • Fully organic, high purity perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
  • Extremely low trace metal levels
  • Excellent plasma resistance
  • High temperature performance up to 310°C
  • Outstanding long-term mechanical performance

Perlast® Helios G7HA has undergone rigorous benchmarking tests against the leading sealing materials currently on the market in order to qualify its material characteristics.  

The test results demonstrated excellent sealing performance at temperatures up to 310°C. The elastomer material grade also outperforms competitor materials against aggressive plasmas, including high concentrations of fluorine radical plasmas.

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  • Outperforms in harsh plasma environments >>

    Perlast® Helios G7HA has been tested extensively in a series of plasma environments (RPS NF3, RIE NF3, CCP NH3, RIE SF6, RIE O2 and CCP O2). In each environment, the new G7HA grade demonstrates a significantly lower plasma erosion rate than leading competitors – and 27% lower in NF3.

    Perlast Helios G7HA NF3 Plasma Data

    Figure 1: RIE NF3 Plasma exposure, elastomer weight loss percentage after 6 hours.

  • Lower trace metals than other FFKM seals >>

    Perlast® Helios G7HA is a fully organic material grade, with analysis showing extremely low trace metal level contaminates and low particle generation when measured against comparable FFKM and FKM sealing materials. Low trace metals and low particle generation are key to reducing process contamination, significantly increasing yield and reducing operational downtime.

  • Perlast Helios G7HA removes trade-off between purity and performance >>

    Previously in the semiconductor sealing market, choices had to be made between seal purity and high performance in a sealing system – and particularly so with purity versus plasma resistance. Perlast® Helios G7HA is one of the first elastomer innovations to give reliable results across both purity and resistance to aggressive plasmas and chemical media.

  • Typical Applications >>

    Developed for use in various semiconductor applications. Suitable for use in wet and dry semiconductor processes including:

    • Etching
    • Stripping
    • Cleaning
  • Typical Seal Types >>

    Perlast® Helios G7HA material can be moulded into dynamic and static sealing products, including isolation valves, chamber O-rings and gas inlet seals.

Dielectric Etch

Perlast Helios G7HA Spider Diagram

The above spider diagram is a graphical overview of Perlast® Helios G7HA material performance characteristics compared with a relevant industry competitor based on a Dielectric Etch application.

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