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O-ring Removal Tool

The PPE O-ring removal tool (also known as an O-ring pick-stick) is used for removing O-rings from grooves, glands and housings without causing damage to metalwork or to the O-Ring.

This tool is made from a glass reinforced thermoplastic polymer which is extremely strong and resistant to high temperatures, which makes the O-ring pick a handy tool for any Engineer.

The PPE O-ring removal tool is double ended, allowing O-rings to be hooked out of all types of O-ring grooves, glands and housings with ease.

Why can’t I use a metal O-ring pick?

Using metal O-ring removal tools, metal tweezers, screwdrivers, or any other sharp metal tools to remove an O-ring can damage the housing of the equipment the O-ring is in. A small scratch in an O-ring groove can create a leak path and adversely affect the integrity of the seal.

Benefits of PPE’s O-ring removal tool:

  • Made from a high strength polymer
  • Less likely to damage hardware compared with metal tools
  • Good high temperature resistance
  • Double sided for a variety of uses

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