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Large Diameter O-rings & Seals

PPE offers the largest fully molded, elastomer O-rings and seals, manufactured on a single tool, in one pressing operation.  

Using one of the largest molding machines available, PPE manufactures high quality, fully molded, large diameter O-rings and custom parts for use in compressors, valves, oil & gas equipment, large bore diesel engines, large high pressure vessels, Flat Panel Display (FPD) and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

PPE's large diameter, precision molded O-rings and seals are available in sizes up to 2.5 metres (8ft) outer diameter and cross sections from 5mm (0.2") to 20mm (0.79").

Cleanroom Manufacturing
For components that must be manufactured in conditions with low atmospheric contamination, PPE can mold large diameter O-rings and seals in a class 10,000 cleanroom.  Our large molding press has been integrated into a custom built cleanroom to provide high quality components using high-purity elastomer materials.

Fully molded O-rings v's jointed (spliced) O-rings
Jointed O-rings are manufactured from extruded elastomer cord that is joined by bonding the two ends together. Jointed O-rings have inherent weak spots at the joint which can cause premature seal failure.  Joints can be mismatched caused by misalignment of the bond, or wider tolerances on the cross section of extruded cord.  Typically, elastomer cord is manufactured at lower pressures which produces a lower density O-ring, this can adversely effect the compression set resistance and life time performance of the O-ring.

Benefits of fully molded O-rings:-

  • Reduced risk of failure - no joint that can be a potential point of weakness
  • Tighter cross-section tolerances ensures a proper fit in critical equipment
  • Accurate part dimensions and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Superior mechanical performance
  • Available in high performance explosive decompression resistant elastomer grades, not available as spliced O-rings.

High performance materials
With an unrivalled range of elastomer materials available, PPE has an elastomer for every application, with performance characteristics that meet high temperature, high pressure and aggressive chemical applications.
Browse the range of O-ring materials available from PPE.

Manufacturing lead-times
PPE understands that critical applications demand the highest level of responsiveness.  Large diameter O-rings can be manufactured in the shortest lead-times in the sealing industry for time critical requirements.

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