HyClamp Sanitary Gaskets

HyClamp Type A and Type BHyClamp™ hygienic gasket seals (also known as Tri-clamp® and Tri-clover® seals) are designed to meet the needs of pipe couplings in food, beverage and pharmaceutical process lines.  Free from animal-derived ingredients (ADI-free), HyClamp™ elastomer materials meet various international sanitary standards and approvals including FDA, USP Class VI and 3A 18-03 Sanitary Standards.

Engineered to deliver optimal chemical resistance to satisfy the requirements of aseptic conditions, CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilization-in-place) processes; HyClamp™ seals provide excellent long-term sealing performance, therefore extending planned maintenance intervals and minimizing downtime.

HyClamp™ seals are manufactured to several clamp size standards conforming to current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and supplied with full manufacturing batch traceability and certificates of conformity on request.

HyClamp™ elastomer gaskets:

  • Available in EPDM, Silicone (VMQ), FKM, FFKM and metal detectable elastomer materials
  • Compliant with FDA, USP Class VI, 3A 18-03 Sanitary Standards
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients (ADI-free)
  • Optimal chemical and temperature resistance
  • Excellent long-term sealing performance
  • Parts manufactured to BS4825, ISO2852 and DIN32676 standard sizes
  • Tooling with non-wetted part lines to prevent bacterial build-up
  • Full manufacturing batch traceability
  • Certificates of conformity on request

PPE provides fast and responsive lead-times and hygienic seal design services, supported by expert material and engineering development teams.

Seals and gaskets to fit IDF, RJT and DIN 11851 hygienic connectors are also available from PPE.

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HyClamp™, Perlast® and Detectaseal® are trademarks of Precision Polymer Engineering
Tri-Clamp® and Tri-clover® are registered trademarks of Alfa Laval Inc.

  • FFKM Sanitary Gaskets

    FFKM sanitary gaskets are fully fluorinated, designed to overcome specific sealing challenges found in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biomedical and life-science industries.

    Perlast®, the ultimate perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is ideal for SIP and CIP cleaning regimes. Designed for sealing applications where chemical resistance and high temperature performance are critical, FFKM sanitary gaskets can withstand steam, amines and solvents.

    The unique cross-linking system employed in all Perlast® grades ensures compatibility with virtually all chemicals. The molecular structure of Perlast®perfluoroelastomers is very similar to PTFE, providing excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. This enables users to rationalize onto a single material grade across all applications.

  • Metal-detectable Sanitary Gaskets

    Detectaseal® is a range of metal detectable elastomer compounds designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Detectaseal® sanitary gaskets have been tested and proven in use at leading pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants. Fragments of Detectaseal® as small as 2mm can be identified by metal detection equipment.

  • BS 4825 sanitary gasket sizes


    BS 4825 sanitary gasket seals

    Nominal SizeCE/S
    25.4 mm1"22.8 mm50.5 mm
    38.1 mm1 1/2"35.5 mm50.5 mm
    50.8 mm2"48.2 mm64 mm
    63.5 mm2 1/4"60.5 mm77.5 mm
    76.2 mm3"73.2 mm91 mm
    101.6 mm4"97.8 mm119 mm
    114.3 mm4 1/2"110.5 mm130 mm
    139.7 mm5 1/2"135.9 mm155 mm
    168.3 mm6 5/8"163.3 mm183 mm
    219.1 mm8 5/8"214.1 mm233.5 mm
  • DIN 32676 sanitary gasket sizes


    DIN 32676 sanitary gasket seals

    Nominal sizeCE/S
    10 mm10.2 mm34 mm
    15 mm16.2 mm34 mm
    20 mm20.2 mm34 mm
    25 mm26.2 mm50.5 mm
    32 mm32.2 mm50.5 mm
    40 mm38.2 mm50.5 mm
    50 mm50.2 mm64 mm
    65 mm66.2 mm91 mm
    80 mm81.2 mm106 mm
    100 mm100.2 mm119 mm
    125 mm125.2 mm155 mm
    150 mm150.2 mm183 mm
    200 mm200.2 mm233.5 mm
  • ISO 2852 sanitary gasket sizes

    ISO 2852 sanitary gasket seals

    Nominal sizeCS
    12 mm10.2 mm34 mm
    12.7 mm10.9 mm34 mm
    17.2 mm15.4 mm34 mm
    21.3 mm19.5 mm34 mm
    25 mm22.8 mm50.5 mm
    33.7 mm31.5 mm50.5 mm
    38 mm35.8 mm50.5 mm
    40 mm37.8 mm64 mm
    51 mm48.8 mm64 mm
    63.5 mm60.5 mm77.5 mm
    70 mm67 mm91 mm
    76.1 mm73.1 mm91 mm
    88.9 mm85.1 mm106 mm
    101.6 mm97.8 mm119 mm
    114.3 mm110.5 mm130 mm
    139.7 mm135.9 mm155 mm
    168.3 mm163.3 mm183 mm
    219.1 mm214.1 mm233.5 mm

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  • HyClamp Elastomer Material Range

    HyClamp hygienic gaskets are available in the following elastomer materials

    PPE MaterialMaterial TypeColorTemp Range °CFDAUSP3A 18-03Metal Detectable
    Perlast® G74SFFKMWhite-15 to +260A-F87+88Class INo
    V70SWFKMWhite-10 to +200A-F87+88Class INo
    E70QEPDMBlack-40 to +150A-F87+88Class IINo
    S71USilicone (VMQ)Translucent-60 to +200A-F87+88Class INo
    Detectaseal XV7AFKMBlue+20 to +200A-F----Yes
    Detectaseal XE7AEPDMBlue-40 to +150A-F----Yes
    Detectaseal XS7HSilicone (VMQ)Black-60 to +200A-F88-- Yes

    All the above materials are free from animal derived ingredients and are compliant with EC1935 and EC2023 regulations.

    FDA, USP and 3A 18-03 certificates and material datasheets are available to download in the Engineer's Hub.

Type Title Download
Brochure Hyclamp hygienic gaskets Download File
Brochure Perlast for life science applications Download File
Certificate FDA Download File
Certificate USP 87 Download File
Certifcate USP 88 Download File
Certificate 3A 18-03 Download File
Certificate ADI free Download File
Certificate EC1935/2004 Download File
Certificate EC2023/2006 Download File
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