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High Volume O-Ring Manufacturing

Precision Polymer Engineering can support your operations through the supply of elastomer O-rings and custom molded components in high volumes up to a million parts and beyond.

High quality manufacturing

Our high volume capability combines compression and injection molding techniques to develop both standard and non-standard O-ring sizes in a range of elastomer materials.
Ask our engineers about the best material grade for the demands of your application.

Fast lead times

With an excellent selection of molds and the ability to produce custom tooling with minimal delay, we can supply high volumes of elastomer O-rings within some of the most competitive lead times in the sealing industry.

Significant cost savings

Our high volume capability allows you to source commodity O-rings in bulk batches, covering your operations for several months at a time. This option represents significant cost savings, not least in the reduction in downtime caused from unscheduled MRO events.

How can we help? Contact our experts for a free consultation on high volume orders.

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