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Chevron Stacks

Chevron StackVee packing, or chevron stack sets, comprise of one or more rings with a V-shaped profile. These rings are positioned between male and female adapters located at the top and bottom, forming a multi-lip packing suitable for mechanically challenging conditions in rod and piston locations.

Precision Polymer Engineering can provide vee packing (V-packing) sets manufactured from its range of high performance elastomers, PTFE and PEEK.

Chevron stack set applications

Typical applications include mud pump packing, where the seals encounter high pressure and an abrasive media containing various solids, oil and water.

For higher pressure applications, additional V-rings can be added to the stack as required.

PPE can also design and manufacture custom chevron stacks for specific applications where extreme bi-directional pressure, in aggressive environments, requires robust sealing.


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