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Trace Metal Contaminants

How clean are your seals and O-rings?

What is the trace metal content of elastomer materials in the critical locations of your process tool?

Particles and metallic ion contamination are a constant threat to the manufacture of semiconductor devices. The smaller the device, the greater the potential for harm and increased cost as the level of permissible contamination reduces.

When choosing elastomer seals for critical applications, device manufacturers must ensure that they select appropriate materials with ultra-low levels of trace metals, in order to avoid contamination and device degradation.

Trace metal content analysis

22 different elastomer materials, from various manufacturers/suppliers, that are specifically marketed for semiconductor applications, were analysed for trace metal content at a specialist external test facility. The analysis technique used inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) for the determination of low and ultra-low level metallic impurities, down to part per billion (ppb) levels.  Metal impurities such as sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), titanium (Ti), and many more were measured and compared.

So which elastomer materials were the cleanest?

Want to learn more?   Download the results below.


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Document Downloads
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Technical Paper Killer Consumables: How clean are your seals? Download File
Technical Information Metal ION Contamination in elastomers Download File
Brochure Sealing Solutions for Semiconductor, FPD & Solar Download File
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