Thermal Processes

Thermal based applications need sealing materials that have good mechanical properties, such as low compression set or compression stress relaxation, in addition to very specific chemical resistance requirements. Processes such as ALD, LPCVD, SACVD, annealing and oxidation require seal materials able to withstand long term high temperatures. These processes often include the use of oxygen, ozone or a combination of ozone and high energy UV radiation such as applied to transistor strain engineering, FCVD and low k processing.

Appropriate choice of PPE recommended products will lead to:

  • Cost optimized recommendation dependent on application
  • Low compression set
  • Longer lifetime in aggressive UV cure regimes
  • Low erosion rates
  • Low trace metal levels where critical
  • Low particle release rates where critical
  • Minimized impact on device yield and electrical yield
  • Reduced cost of consumables (CoC)

The table below indicates PPE's recommended and compatible elastomer material grades.  Primary grades are geared towards critical system / tool locations.  For further guidance on appropriate seal choices please find your nearest sales contact.

Process mediaPrimary
Metal CVD
25 - 200°C
(77 - 482°F)
Organic precursors, WF6, TiCl4, SiH4, SiHCl3, SiH2Cl2, SiCl4, Ar, N2, H2, NH3, HF, HCl, F2, Cl2, CIF3, NF3, H2O vapour, O2, O3 G75B, G75H, K2CDG67G, G76W, K13X, V75PG75B recommended for highest seal temperature applications.

SACVD25 - 200°C
(77 - 482°F)
TEP, TEBO, TEOS, O3, O2, N2, NF3G75B, G75H, G65HP G67G, G70H, G76W
Oxidation Diffusion100 - 300°C
(212 - 572°F)
N2, O2, H2O, POCl3, BBr3, PH3, B2H6, HCl, Cl2G75B, G75H, K2CDG65HP, G70H, G76W, V75P
RTP and
Thermal Oxidation
100 - 300°C
(212 - 572°F)
IR radiation, O2, SteamG75B, K13X, G75HG76G, G67P, G74P, G75M
UV Cure100 - 300°C
(212 - 572°F)
N2, Ar, O2, O3G67G, G70HY75G, G76W, G75HG67G recommended for all critical locations
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