The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry – also known as exploration and production (E&P) – is concerned with the searching out of new sources of underground or underwater oil and gas fields. Following initial surveying and prospecting for new fields, a wide range of equipment is required in the drilling and construction of wells and the extraction produced fluids. Seals are critically important to the functionality of this equipment and operations.

Precision Polymer Engineering develops high performance sealing solutions to protect your upstream equipment from unscheduled downtime. Our innovative materials improve seal performance and reliability, with service life expectancy in excess of 25 years – even in the temperature and pressure extremes associated with upstream operations.

Unique elastomer materials

Our custom-engineered seals meet any application or hardware demands, protecting against explosive decompression (ED), sour gas (H2S) and the aggressive chemicals associated with oilfield media. This includes chemicals used to aid extraction of produced fluids through extension processes.

Our high performance elastomer materials have been specially developed to deliver superior sealing solutions to the upstream sector. Many of PPE's EnDura® and Perlast® elastomer material grades have been tested to international standards such as NORSOKTOTAL, NACE, ISO 10423, API 6A/6D and ISO 23936-2.

Standard and custom elastomer seals for upstream equipment:

Subsea Trees, Production Safety Valves, Reciprocating Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, Gas Turbines, Subsea Manifolds, Pipeline Connectors, Swivels, Actuators, BOP'S, MWD's, Drill Bits, Reservoir Wellheads, Filters, Valves, LWD’s, Rise Connectors, Subsea Mooring, Connectors, Completion Tools, Separation Equipment, Utility Systems, Choke Valves, Pumps, ESP's and Heating Systems.

Technical support & advice

We provide trusted sealing consultancy services to a range of upstream and integrated oil and gas companies across the world, keeping operations efficient but above all safe. Get in touch with our specialist engineers and discover the sealing improvements you could make.

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Tested and approved materials
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