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Oil & Gas

Precision Polymer Engineering has supplied high performance seals, O-rings and custom molded rubber components into the oilfield industry for over 25 years. Our specialized elastomer grades are tailored to provide high sealing efficiency for systems operating in the most inhospitable environments in the world, resistant to:

Precision Polymer Engineering serves the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the global oil and gas industry strategically, with facilities offering technical and manufacturing capabilities in the UK and United States.

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Exceptional Elastomer Materials

Our specialist range of EnDura® oilfield elastomers enable our material and engineering teams to specify an optimal solution for the unique demands of your sealing system.

Perlast® ICE offers a unique combination of excellent chemical resistance and low temperature performance. This perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) material has been specifically developed to perform under extreme conditions, in temperatures as low as -46°C (-51°F) or lower.

PPE has experience sealing in high temperature, high pressure environments, such as ultra-deep water HP/HT applications of 18,000 psi and 177°C (350°F) and above.  We supply a wide range of products into various applications including down-hole tools, subsea equipment and infrastructure, pipeline connectors, valves, compressors and pumps.


Certified and Approved

Many of PPE's EnDura® and Perlast® elastomer material grades have been tested to international standards such as NORSOK, TOTAL, NACE, ISO 10423, API 6A and ISO 23936-2.

PPE is a registered member of FPAL and the BVAA. PPE is a frequent technical contributor to the Energy Polymer Group and other global conferences focusing on oilfield polymers and sealing technology.


Oil & Gas Sectors

PPE provides world-class sealing solutions throughout the Oil & Gas supply chain

Products for Oil & Gas

Below is a selection of the most common products we supply to the oil & gas industry. Visit the Products page to see the full range.

Document Download
Title Description Download
Sealing solutions for oil & gas An overview of the products and services available from PPE for the oil & gas industry. Download File
EnDura elastomers The ultimate range of elastomers for sealing applications in the World's most aggressive high pressure environments. Download File
Perlast perfluoroelastomers An overview of the various products, applications and benefits of using Perlast® perfluoroelastomers in the oil and gas industry. Download File
Perlast ICE perfluoroelastomers The ultimate perfluoroelastomers for sealing applications where chemical resistance and extreme low temperature performance are critical. Download File
Explosive Decompression resistant elastomers A summary of international ED test standards (NORSOK, TOTAL, NACE & ISO23936) plus details of which PPE materials meet each standard. Download File
Sour gas resistant elastomers A summary of international H2S test standards (NORSOK, API 6A & ISO10423) and details of which PPE materials have been tested and certified. Download File

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