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All Industries:

'Cheap to buy' does not mean 'cheap to own'. Discover how Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can save money when purchasing elastomer seals. When is buying cheap a false economy?

This animation explains what compression set is, how it affects elastomer seal performance, and steps you can take to avoid seal failure through compression set.

Join Martins Omoniyi as he introduces Perlast FFKM, PPE's high performance sealing material for critical applications.

Kyle Fearns, Product Manager for Fluorinated Products at PPE, talks us through the suitability of Perlast FFKM materials for higher temperature applications.

Join Holly Nicholls, Materials Scientist at PPE, who talks about Perlast FFKM and how its exceptional chemical resistance can improve the operational reliability of equipment.

Go behind the scenes at PPE to find how O-rings are manufactured. From the initial stages of elastomer characterization, through all the molding and finishing stages, to the final inspection and packaging steps.

Discover how IDEX products and solutions improve our lives every day.

Micro molded elastomer (rubber) seals and custom components in high performance elastomers such as FFKMs & FKMs from Precision Polymer Engineering - MICROFORM.

Food & Pharmaceutical:

This video introduces HyClamp, PPE's range of high performance hygienic gasket seals - specifically developed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical process lines.

What are the key considerations when developing sealing solutions for critical life science applications? The video introduces unique elastomer materials and product profiles which are proven to improve reliability and performance in life science environments, and reduce unscheduled equipment downtime.

This video demonstrates some of the key advantages of using Perlast FFKM seals in sealing solution specifications for critical life science applications.

A look at PPE's range of metal detectable and X-ray detectable elastomer compounds designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

In this video you will learn about the important role hygienic elastomer seals play in the overall food and pharmaceutical production process.

In this video you will learn about the importance of compliance in hygienic elastomer seals and takeaway tips to ensure your seals are fit for use in food or pharmaceutical production lines.

In this video you will learn about the importance of traceability in hygienic elastomer seals and how this can help towards reducing the risk of contamination in your food or pharmaceutical production line and ensuring the safety of your manufactured products.

In this video you will learn about elastomer material grades commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical processing industry and which material grade would be most suitable for your hygienic application.

In this video you will learn about hygienic elastomer seal design in relation to industry standards BS4825, IS0 2852 and DIN 32676, some of the design failure modes you may come across in application and, an alternative solution of custom designed seals.

Oil & Gas:

A summary of the products and services available to the oil and gas industry from Precision Polymer Engineering.

PPE has developed the EnDura range of elastomer materials to provide valve sealing components that can withstand harsh conditions experienced in critical ball valves.

We take a look at the causes of Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) in elastomer seals, and why it's important to take every precaution to minimise the risk of it occurring.


A behind-the-scenes look at how high performance O-rings, used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, are made at Precision Polymer Engineering.

This video explains how elastomer seals are affected by plasma exposure in semiconductor device manufacturing processes. It shows the three main factors that determine the performance of an elastomer seal in plasma environments.

This video addresses the failure mode of thermal expansion encountered by elastomer seals used in high temperature applications. It explains what thermal expansion is, why it happens and how to avoid it.

This video explains the affect of compressive stress relaxation (CSR) encountered by elastomer seals. It addresses what CSR is, why it occurs, how it is measured and why it is important to consider during seal selection.

Elastomer O-rings are one of the main uncontrolled gas sources in a sealed vacuum system. In this short animation you will learn what outgassing is and how to avoid it in your Semiconductor application.

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