O-ring Groove & Hardware Dimensions

Not sure what size O-ring to use in your groove? Or what O-ring groove dimensions to use in your O-ring groove design to fit a standard size O-ring?

This easy to use online tool allows you to obtain the recommended O-ring groove dimensions and gland sizes for AS, BS and ISO standard size O-rings.

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O-ring Groove Design in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Choose whether you are working with existing hardware or designing new hardware.

Select the type of O-ring groove - piston, rod, face or trapped seal.

If the O-ring size required is known, simply select the AS, BS or ISO standard and enter the dash size reference.
If the O-ring size is unknown, input the nominal bore/rod diameter of your hardware in inches or mm.

Step 2

If you are looking for standard O-ring sizes to fit existing hardware a list of suitable BS, AS and ISO standard O-ring sizes is displayed.  
Simply select the size which best meets the application requirements based on O-ring cross section from the list.

This page can be printed or copied to your clipboard for pasting in your own document.

Step 3

The O-ring Groove Dimension tool provides comprehensive information such as O-ring size, full groove/gland dimensions including tolerance (in both inches and mm) and a drawing of the O-ring groove design assembly.

This results page can be printed, copied to your clipboard for pasting in a file of your choice or a quotation requested for O-rings of the size shown.


For further assistance in selecting the optimum O-ring for your application contact us.

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