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Steam Resistant Seal Material Protects Performance and Saves Cost


Leading manufacturer of valves used in high value biomedical and pharmaceutical processing and production facilities.


End user experienced seal failure in valve fitted with competitor elastomer grade VCT95. Bacterial contamination from outside environment can result in the quarantine of an entire batch valued between £20k -
£200k, which can be claimed against the valve OEM.


Failure analysis identified the problem was due to poor compression set in steam. PPE’s steam resistant V70SW FKM material was offered with comparative compression set test results demonstrating the superiority of V70SW over the competitor grade.


The valve OEM avoided any potential damage claims from end users and increased their credibility and market share in the biomedical industry for steam applications by using the latest sealing technology.

VCT95 is manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.


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