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Next day seals for critical O&G ball valves

A major offshore gas producer in the North Sea required immediate replacement of ball valve sealing components on an HP gas compression line.



The customer was looking for elastomeric valve seals with resistance to Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD), while also meeting the following requirements:

  • NORSOK M-710 test pass with a 0000 result (no indication of failure)
  • Suitability for the process temperature and pressure limits of the valve operating conditions, namely 55 Bar and 128°C.
  • Compatibility with contact media, including trace amounts of methanol

The customer had been using competitor O-rings which met these criteria, but they were not available with the immediacy the customer required. Any new seal supplier would need to provide assurances as to the above conditions, and ship by boat to the platform the following day.


PPE Solution

Following detailed consultancy with the customer, PPE material scientists identified EnDura® V91A as a suitable candidate for the application. Our scientists then took the time to discuss the material in great detail with the customer, walking them through how the material grade satisfies each of their specified service conditions.



EnDura® V91A is now in service on the offshore platform, processed and delivered with a next day service. The speed and efficiency of PPE's response has enabled the customer to make significant savings through reduced equipment downtime.


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