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Rubber Storage & Shelf Life

Elastomers are susceptible to deterioration by aging.  The rate of deterioration depends on a number of factors:-

  • Temperature              store between 15-25°C (59-77°F) and away from direct heat sources
  • Light                           avoid exposure to direct sunlight, artificial light or UV
  • Humidity                    below <65% recommended
  • Ozone                         avoid placing near electric motors or high voltage electrical equipment
  • Chemical media        avoid exposure to any liquids or vapours
  • Deformation              tension, bending and twisting should be avoided. Do not hang, fold or roll

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All elastomer parts manufactured by PPE are clearly marked with the cure date on the packaging.

Under the correct conditions, parts can be stored for the period of time shown in the ‘initial storage’ column below.  Once this time has elapsed the parts must be visually inspected for permanent distortion, mechanical damage, cracks, hardening or tackiness (softening).  If any of these are found, the parts should be discarded. 

Providing the parts are satisfactory, further testing should be carried out to ensure their performance characteristics are unchanged.  The parts can then be stored for the ‘extended storage’ period before further inspection and testing is necessary.

Visit the Elastomer Materials A-Z page for further details on each material type.

Life GroupASTMMaterial TypeInital StorageExtended
Group A
NRNatural rubber5 years
2 years
Group B
ACM Acrylic7 years3 years
HNBRHydrongenated Nitrile 
IIR Butyl
NBR Nitrile
Group C/X      CSMChlorosulfon Polyethylene10 years5 years
EPDM Ethylene Propylene
FKM Fluorocarbon
FFKM Perfluorocarbon
HPEHigh Performance Elastomer (Kimura®)
VMQ Silicone
FVMQ Fluorosilicone
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Technical Information Rubber life groups and storage Download File
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