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Webinar: Sealing with elastomers in sour gas (H2S)

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13th December 2016

Sour gas, or hydrogen sulfide (H2S), is increasingly found in oil and gas production as more challenging fields are developed around the world. Valves used in these environments are required to perform in sour conditions while operating at high and low temperatures, and demanding pressure cycles. Because O-rings and seals are often limiting factors in determining valve performance, understanding the effects of sour gas on elastomers is critical for oil and gas applications. This presentation will explore elastomer materials available for sour gas service and provide strategies to ensure the best sealing materials are selected for a given application.

Attendees will discover speciality materials at the leading edge of elastomer technology, examine applicable testing standards, and review examples of sealing material performance in sour gas service.

Key Take-aways:  

  • Understand the various types of elastomers and their relative resistance to sour gas
  • Learn how test data helps evaluate elastomer performance in sour gas environments
  • Discover industry specifications pertaining to pressure and temperature cycling and sour gas service
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