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Perlast ICE Perfluoroelastomers

The Perlast® ICE range of perfluoroelastomers has been developed to provide excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals whilst offering exceptional low temperature performance.

Perlast® ICE elastomer have been formulated to provide increased resistance to a broad range of chemicals by carefully controlling the molecular architecture. In addition, these perfluoroelastomers exhibit low permeability and as a result, are less prone to swelling, leading to extended in-service performance in valves, pumps and mechanical seals.

Perlast® ICE materials are perfect for use in oil and gas applications such as exploration and completion equipment operating or stored in sub-zero temperatures.

Perlast® ICE elastomers can be fully moulded into standard and non-standard sized O-rings (up to 2.5m/8ft diameter) and custom shapes.

Key attributes:

  • Operating temperature: -46°C to +250°C (-51°F to +482°F)
  • Excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals including acids and amines
  • Low compression set for long-term sealing performance
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Excellent Explosive Decompression resistance, tested to NORSOK M710 (G90LT grade)
  • Sour gas resistant, tested to NORSOK M710

Perlast® ICE delivers a unique combination of properties from an elastomer material.  It offers the thermal and chemical resistance superiority associated with FFKM, but with the additional benefit of low temperature capabilities.

The low temperature properties of Perlast® ICE are achieved by polymer structure changes rather than additive techniques.  This ensures reliable, repeatable and sustained sealing performance over an extended period.

Perlast® ICE opens up new design possibilities for engineers looking to develop sealing solutions which need to operate at extremely low temperatures. We have a wide selection of seals available in Perlast® ICE, including our range of spring seals.

Beyond the material itself, working with PPE also adds value in a number of ways at all stages in the design process and for on-going procurement.


How can we help?  Contact us to discuss your low temperature sealing requirements.

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