SMS Seals (SS 1149)

SMS seals are square section rings typically used in SMS (Swedish Metric Standard) sanitary unions.  The union assembly consists of an internally threaded nut, liner and externally threaded male part.  The elastomer SMS seal is captive, located in a groove within the male part of the union assembly.  This design provides a smooth, crevice-free internal bore.  SMS seals are ideal for applications that do not demand constant disassembly of pipes/hoses.

SMS seals are available in EPDM and FKM grades that have been certified to FDA and 3-A standards. Metal detectable elastomers are also available from our Detectaseal® range.

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  • Elastomer Materials Range

    SMS seals are available in the following elastomer materials:

    PPE MaterialMaterial TypeColorTemp Range °CFDAUSP3A 18-03Metal Detectable
    V70SWFKMWhite-10 to +200A-F87+88Class INo
    E70QEPDMBlack-40 to +150A-F87+88Class IINo
    Detectaseal XV7AFKMBlue+20 to +200A-F----Yes
    Detectaseal XE7AEPDMBlue-40 to +150A-F----Yes

    All the above materials are free from animal derived ingredients and are compliant with EC1935 and EC2023 regulations.

    FDA, USP and 3A 18-03 certificates and material datasheets are available to download in the Engineer's Hub.

DN SizeOuter Diameter
Inner Diameter
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