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Where upstream involves the initial exploration and production of oil and gas, and downstream relates to the refining and purification process, the midstream sector covers the storage and transportation required to link upstream and downstream together. Effective sealing is crucial in making midstream processes as efficient and safe as possible.

There are many different service providers involved in the midstream sector, ranging from pipeline transport companies through to haulage, tankers and railways. There are also trans-loading and logistics operations to consider – all of which require protection against the potential hazards of raw or semi-processed produced fluids and gases. Precision Polymer Engineering has developed a range of elastomer sealing materials to safeguard the people involved and minimize product losses.

For midstream oil and gas operations involving remote pipelines, long service life and reliability are critically important. Our chemically-resistant seals won’t let you down, and with short manufacturing lead-times for replacement seals you will be well supported for any scheduled or unscheduled MRO requirements.

Unique elastomer materials

Our custom-engineered sealing solutions are developed using high performance materials such as FKMs and FFKMs (from our EnDura®Perlast ICE® and Perlast® ranges), making them ideally suited to aggressive environments. Along with excellent thermal and mechanical properties, our seals are proven against the corrosive effects of sour gas (H2S), ensuring reliable long term sealing for any downstream oil and gas application.

Standard and custom elastomer seals for midstream equipment:

Pipeline Connectors, Separators, Valves, Disposal Tanks, Pig Launchers/Receiver, Slug Catchers, Regenerators, Pipeline Enclosures, Reciprocating Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, Gas Turbines, Pumps, Field Pipeline Gathering, Storage Tanks, Transportation Tanks and Heating Systems.

Technical support & advice

Our sealing consultancy service is available to midstream companies looking for more reliable sealing solutions. Get in touch with our specialist engineers and discover how you could benefit from our specialized sealing materials developed for the demands of the oil and gas industry.

How can we help? Find your nearest PPE contact, or send us your requirements.

Elastomer materials compliant with:

Oil & Gas Elastomer Material Range

Below showcases the elastomer material brands that we extensively supply to midstream applications.

Oil & Gas Sealing Products

Below is a selection of the most common sealing products supplied to midstream applications.

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