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TOTAL GS PVV 142 Certified Seals

TOTAL General Specification GS PVV 142 Appendix 8 is unique to TOTAL, a French multinational integrated oil and gas company and one of the seven "Supermajor" oil companies in the world.  The specification sets out the "Elastomer O-ring seals explosive decompression testing procedure".

Known to be one of the most aggressive test regimes for explosive decompression (ED), the TOTAL General Specification requires performance levels beyond common ED rated materials. ED resistance is a vital material property for elastomer seals used in valves, surface and subsea oilfield equipment.  High performance valve seals certified to TOTAL General Specification deliver safety and reliability, in extreme conditions over prolonged periods of time, in the oil and gas industry.

TOTAL certified elastomer materials

Precision Polymer Engineering offers a comprehensive range of TOTAL certified sealing materials that provide a broad temperature capability and superior chemical resistance.  These materials have been third-party tested and certified to the TOTAL General Specification. With a selection of materials to choose from engineers can meet their application requirements, such as low/high temperatures and high pressure environments, whilst ensuring safe and reliable operation.

PPE's TOTAL GS PVV 142 certified elastomer materials can be molded into infinite shapes and profiles to suit any sealing application; O-rings, X-rings, T-seals, chevron stacks, lip seals, wiper seals, spring seals and custom seals.


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PPE elastomer materials certified to TOTAL GS PVV 142

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