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Webinar: Low temperature sealing with elastomers in sour gas

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13th December 2016

Seals are a limiting factor in the performance rating of oil and gas equipment. Understanding the effects of low temperature on elastomers, for example, is critical to arctic or subsea drilling environments.

Seal performance under sour gas (hydrogen sulfide) conditions is also critical as more challenging oil and gas fields are developed throughout the world.

Sour gas resistance in combination with low temperature sealing performance has been difficult to achieve in the past, but newer materials do meet the challenge.

In this presentation, attendees will review real-world sealing applications requiring low temperature performance and sour gas resistance.

Key Take-aways:  

  • Learn how sour gas testing of elastomers is carried out
  • Understand low temperature testing of elastomers
  • Review case studies of low temperature sour gas sealing applications
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