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Webinar: O-ring Seals – How Do You Choose the Right Material?

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13th December 2016

Semiconductor manufacturing is relatively high risk. It can be highly sensitive and susceptible to minute deviations in any one of a multitude of process steps. These deviations need not be directly related to the process conditions. In fact, modern process tools utilize considerable feedback and analytics in order to keep tight control over each process step. There are potentially greater risks from component degradation which is generally difficult or impossible to monitor in situ.

The elastomer or O-ring seal is one of the components than can significantly impact yield and cost of manufacture. Particularly where plasma processing is concerned, lifetime is a key factor but, degradation by-products can impact cost through contamination of product. This can have immediate catastrophic impact or, lead to latent failures that only become apparent when the component is built into an electronic system.            

Testing or qualifying new materials, for both fabs and original equipment manufacturers, is generally a lengthy and risky proposition. The topics covered in this presentation will provide practical guidance on elastomer material compatibility in various process chemistries and under differing plasma source conditions.

Key Take-aways:  

  • Understand the chemical compatibility of elastomer materials in Fluorine and Chlorine based chemistries.
  • Learn about contamination levels in elastomer materials.
  • Discover the effects of filler systems on chemical compatibility.
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