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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions which are frequently asked of us:

Q: What materials do you offer?
A: We manufacture parts in materials from various types of elastomers (rubber) and some plastics.
More info: Elastomer types A-Z and PPE material grades

Q: Which industries use your parts?
A: We supply a broad spectrum of industries where the sealing of fluids and gases is a key concern for optimal success of a process.
More info: Industries served

Q: Do you have a standard stock of seals?
A: No, everything we produce is manufactured to customer order. There is a very wide range of sizes and materials in the seals world and we specialize in offering a customized engineering solutions for each customer application.
More info: Component design service

Q: What is the largest part you can make? 
A: We can manufacture parts with an internal diameter of ca 2,500m (98”)
More info: Large diameter O-rings & seals

Q: What is the smallest part you can make?
A. We can manufacture parts with an internal diameter of ca 01.mm (0.04”)
More info: Micro seals

Q: Do you provide samples?
A: Yes, we can provide samples for a minimal charge.

Q: Do you charge for tools? 
A: We have more than 15,000 O-ring sized tools. If we are able to manufacture a part from our range of freely-available tooling, we will do so. If no tool exists, we will discuss with the customer the most economic solution.

Q: What technical support could I expect? 
A: We are experts in developing and selecting elastomer and polymer materials for customer applications. Equally, we are experts in designing components from elastomer and polymer materials. You can expect highly practical answers promptly to your engineering enquiries.
More info: Consultancy service and component design service

Q: What’s your international experience?
A: More than 80% of our customers are outside the UK.  PPE operates globally with manufacturing centers in the UK and USA with sales personnel around the world.  We think and operate globally.

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