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BS4825-3 HyClamp Hygienic Gaskets

BS4825:1991 is the British Standard for stainless steel tubes and fitting for the food industry and other hygienic applications. 
Part 3 - specification for clamp type couplings relates to the elastomer gaskets which are used to seal these couplings.

PPE manufactures Hyclamp™ gaskets to BS4825-3 in various imperial sizes from 1" to 4" (nominal), including Type I (unlipped) and Type II (lipped) variations.  A full range of sizes is shown below.

BS4825-3 hygienic gaskets are molded in several elastomer material grades, including EPDM, silicone, FKM and FFKM.  This range of materials provides a solution for every application including X-ray/metal detectable elastomers.  PPE's HyClamp™ materials meet various international sanitary standards and approvals including FDAUSP Class VI, 3A 18-03 Sanitary Standards and EC1935/EC2023, in addition to being free from animal derived ingredients (ADI-free).  More information on each of the materials is provided below.

Elastomer Materials

Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
G74S (FFKM) 71 IRHD -15 to +260°C White FDA, USP, 3A, EC, ADI-free
V70SW (FKM) 70 IRHD -10 to +200°C White FDA, USP, 3A, EC, ADI-free
E70Q (EPDM) 70 IRHD -40 to +150°C Black FDA, USP, 3A, EC, ADI-free
S71U (Silicone) 70 IRHD -60 to +200°C Translucent FDA, USP, 3A, EC, ADI-free
XV7A (FKM) 70 IRHD -20 to +200°C Blue FDA, EC, ADI-free
XE7A (EPDM) 70 IRHD -40 to +150°C Blue FDA, EC, ADI-free
XS7H (Silicone) 75 IRHD -60 to +200°C Black FDA, USP, EC, ADI-free
  • EPDM
  • VMQ (Silicone)
  • FKM (Fluoroelastomer)
  • FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer)
    Gasket TypeNominal
    Gasket ODGasket IDMaterial
    ColourPart No.
    I - no lip1.00"25.4050.5022.80FFKMG74SWhiteHCN-0505002280-G74SW-0102
    I - no lip1.50"38.1050.5035.50FFKMG74SWhiteHCN-0505003550-G74SW-0102
    I - no lip2.00"50.8064.0048.20FFKMG74SWhiteHCN-0640004820-G74SW-0102
    I - no lip2.50"63.5077.5060.50FFKMG74SWhiteHCN-0775006050-G74SW-0102
    I - no lip3.00"76.2091.0073.20FFKMG74SWhiteHCN-0910007320-G74SW-0102
    I - no lip4.00"101.60119.0097.80FFKMG74SWhiteHCN-1190009780-G74SW-0102 
    II - lipped1.00"25.4050.5022.80FFKM G74SWhiteHCL-0505002280-G74SW-0102
    II - lipped1.50"38.1050.5035.50FFKMG74SWhiteHCL-0505003550-G74SW-0102
    II - lipped2.00" 50.8064.00 48.20FFKM G74SWhiteHCL-0640004820-G74SW-0102 
    II - lipped2.50" 63.50 77.5060.50FFKMG74SWhite  HCL-0775006050-G74SW-0102
    II - lipped3.00"76.2091.0073.20FFKMG74SWhiteHCL-0910007320-G74SW-0102
    II - lipped4.00"101.60119.0097.80FFKMG74SWhiteHCL-1190009780-G74SW-0102
  • X-ray & metal detectable elastomers

Gasket Types & Sizes

Type I unlipped             Type II lipped

Find gasket sizes and PPE part numbers using our Look-up Tool:

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