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Elastomer Compatibility & Rubber Chemical Resistance Guide

Our quick & easy chemical resistance guide for elastomers will help you find out which O-ring and elastomer sealing material are the most suitable for any given operating environment.

It will produce a elastomer compatibility chart based on the parameters you input.

To access the elastomer chemical compatibility guide you will need to create a free Engineers Hub account (or log in if you already have one).

Chemical Compatibility GIF

Find out here which O-ring and elastomer sealing materials are most suitable for any given operating environment using this quick and easy chemical resistance guide for rubber.

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How to use this tool:

Step 1

Select from a list of over 1000 chemicals those which are involved in your sealing application to compare the rubber chemical resistance and compatibility of various sealing materials. 

Step 2  

Enter the minimum and maximum operating temperature required of the elastomer seal or rubber component.


Step 3

A list of results displays the elastomer compatibility of 16 types of rubber (compatibility results based on ambient temperature).
The chart scores each material against each of the chemicals and indicates whether the sealing materials meet the operating temperature requirements.
Simply select the material types which are most suitable to proceed to a list of PPE material grades.


Step 4

A comprehensive list of suggested PPE material grades is displayed which match your elastomer compatibility requirements. Relevant approvals and certifications are given for each material. 

The list can be sorted by physical properties such as colour, hardness, compression set, etc, or filtered by industry.  You have the option to print the list, export to Excel or copy to clipboard to paste into your own document. 

Datasheets can be downloaded with just one click or a request for quotation emailed direct to our sales team.

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