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Seals for Potable Water (WRAS)

WRAS - Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (BS 6920)

Elastomer sealing materials approved for drinking water applications in the United Kingdom must satisfy the requirement of BS 6920 of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. 

WRAS material approval includes non-metallic materials & components, such as rubber sheet material & ‘O’ rings, that must undergo testing for their effects on water quality. This type of approval demonstrates that the non-metallic material/component does not itself contaminate the water and therefore satisfies this particular requirement of regulations and byelaws.

It is a requirement that all non-metallic materials which come into contact with water intended for domestic use or food production must conform to the requirements of BS 6920.

BS 6920:2014 standard entitled ‘Suitability of non-metallic materials and products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of the water' sets out a number of test methods which assess the suitably of non-metallic materials by testing whether they will:-

  • impart odour or flavour
  • cause a change in appearance (colour or turbidity)
  • promote microbial growth
  • leach substances harmful to human health
  • leach toxic metals 

WRAS - BS 6920 approved elastomer materials from PPE

FKM - approved for use with water up to 23°C.
VMQ (silicone) - approved for use with water up to 85°C.

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Certificate WRAS - FKM (V70Q) Download File
Certificate WRAS - VMQ (S71U) Download File
Certificate WRAS - VMQ (S70C) Download File
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