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Reducing Environmental Impact

Do you want to reduce the footprint your operations leave on the environment?

You're not alone. Over recent years there has been a sea change in the number of chemical plant and refinery operators who are making business changes to reduce their environmental impact. Compliance with more rigid environmental regulations across the industrial world is unsurprisingly a key factor. 

Precision Polymer Engineering is helping operators understand the importance of using the right sealing systems, and the benefits of opting for custom-engineered solutions over off-the-shelf answers, when it comes to reducing environmental impact. A seal which is optimised for its application will keep that application running smoothly and cost-effectively with minimal downtime, while significantly reducing fugitive emissions.

Fugitive Emission Control (FEC) is a strength of Precision Polymer Engineering. All our FEC products conform to TA Luft legislature, and with our custom sealing kits for valves and pumps, combining the performance of elastomer seals with the extrusion resistance of specially selected braided packing, we have helped companies across the world take a cleaner, greener approach. 


To find out more about reducing your environmental impact through Precision Polymer Engineering, contact our sealing experts today

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