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Technical Information

For all kinds of products and materials, covering hundreds of applications across a range of industries, Precision Polymer Engineering has a wealth of technical information available to assist you in your decision making process.

Simply get in touch with one of our specialist engineers, who will gladly source and share the information you require.

Material datasheets can be downloaded on the PPE material grades page.

Technical Information
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Rubber Life Groups & Storage

Recommended storage conditions and shelf life of elastomers/rubber.

Plasma Resistance - Nanofluor Y75G

The plasma resistance of Nanofluor® Y75G has been tested in a number of common process chemistries in order to determine its relative performance against common elastomer brands.

Metal ION Contamination

A summary of the trace metal content of 22 leading elastomer materials used in semiconductor applications, including PPE's Perlast® G67P and G100XT grades.

Manufacturing tolerances for non-standard parts

Elastomer molding tolerances for non-standard O-rings and custom designed components according to ISO3601.

O-ring Sizes ISO3601

Standard sizes and tolerances for ISO3601 O-rings

Elastomer Chemical Compatibility

A guide to the chemical compatibility of over 1000 different media against the main polymer types.

Quality is our priority

This document explains how PPE is committed to providing quality elastomer seals and components; including visual inspection, measurement of O-ring dimensions, color variations, measuring hardness and reporting (ISIR, FAIR & PPAP).

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