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COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

As the coronavirus COVID-19 has spread around the world PPE has established a specific business continuity plan and taken proactive steps to protect the well-being of our people, customers and suppliers.

Cleaning and other preventative measures

We have displayed posters around our facilities with National Health Service advice on how to stay healthy, including tips on hand washing, avoiding handshakes or other personal greetings. We have also increased the number of deep cleans performed daily at our facility, enhanced workplace cleaning protocols, and provided items like hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectant spray for employees to use, to further reduce risk.

A critical component of prevention is ensuring our employees do not come to work sick or displaying any Coronavirus related symptoms. All employees have been made aware of this and are actively encouraged to follow government guidelines around self-isolating at home should they or anybody in their household display COVID-19 related symptoms.

Remote Working & Shift Patterns & Social Distancing

Where feasible we have asked our staff to work from home and equipped them to ensure we minimise disruption and maximise communication channels. For people whose role dictates they need to be on site we have also introduced gaps between our shift changeovers and staggered breaks to minimise the number of people interacting on site at any one time. In addition we have implemented changes to reduce transmission risk (Social Distancing) including but not limited to installing physical barriers to separate workspaces, reducing the number of associates in a given work area and changed seating in work and common areas.

Business Travel

PPE has restricted all travel to limit risk to our employees and minimize potential exposure within our facilities.

All business travel has been suspended without the approval of IDEX senior management. Any decision will weigh the necessity of travel against the risk of exposure to employees and endangerment to business continuity. Wherever possible business travel will be substituted by technology such as video conferencing.


As a precaution and to help limit the spread of the coronavirus we are reducing the number of visitors to our Blackburn facility. Wherever possible we will hold meetings via conference call, Skype or some other form of electronic communication.

If it is essential to hold face to face meetings and we're unable to postpone, then any visitors will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire prior to visiting site, to ensure we don't admit guests returning from high risk areas, or who are displaying symptoms. The same questionnaire will also be completed by our own staff returning from holiday.

Supply chain

We are working closely with our supply chain partners to make sure we have continuity of supply, and where necessary increasing stock levels to create a buffer to mitigate any unforeseen supply chain delays or shortages

We understand that these measures may cause some level of disruption and we will be closely monitoring the situation in line with government recommendations, to ensure we are taking timely and proportional measures

If you have any further questions, please contact your regional sales manager.

Ben Green
General Manager
Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd


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