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Perlast G65HP

Perlast® G65HP has a unique organic formulation developed specifically for critical semiconductor processes where the seals are in direct contact with plasma. This new material grade provides excellent plasma resistance in high concentration radical fluorine plasma, as well as other plasma chemistries.

  • With a 100% organic structure, Perlast® G65HP minimizes the risk of particle generation
  • Fewer than 10k parts per billion trace metal content
  • Excellent fluorine, chlorine and oxygen plasma resistance
  • Excellent generic chemical resistance
  • Very low risk of particle generation
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Low out-gassing properties


  • Extended maintenance cycles.
  • Ideal for manufacturers of devices at advanced technology nodes
  • Ensure the integrity of device electrical specifications
  • Minimal reliability failures

Perlast G65HP Plasma Graph

Graph above: Test results consistently show Perlast® G65HP is the top performing plasma-resistant material.

Typical Applications
Developed for use in various critical semiconductor applications. Suitable for use in wet and dry semiconductor processes including:

 Typical ApplicationsPlasma EtchingAsh/Resist StrippingLPCVD, HDPCVD, PECVD, SACVD, ALDCleaningPVD
 Dynamic sealsBonded Gate Valves & Isolation ValvesPendulum Valves   
Static sealsChamber O-ringsGas inlet seals Gas feed-through sealsChamber lid seals etc. NW/KF fittings 

Precision Polymer Engineering is not just a provider of seal materials, but customised engineered solutions for critical sealing applications, in order to maximise seal integrity and longevity thereby reducing cost of consumables and increasing the potential to retain aftermarket sales.

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