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Webinar: Sealing solutions for the Semiconductor industry

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13th December 2016

Semiconductor wafer processing utilizes many different process steps to produce the finished device. Understanding these processes, their physical demands, and the chemistries involved is fundamental to the selection of elastomer seals, a common component in critical semiconductor environments. Seals must be made of ultra-pure materials. They must also survive extreme temperatures and a mixture of fluorinated gases. For these reasons, seals for the semiconductor industry are at the cutting edge of materials technology.

Attendees of this webinar will learn about high performance elastomer compounds developed for the variety of sealing applications specific to wafer processing. Common failure mechanisms and remedies are also discussed.

Key Take-aways:  

  • Identify the optimum elastomer material for any given application.
  • Understand how differences in service environment may affect seal performance.
  • Recognize the causes of seal failure and actions needed to eliminate future occurrences.
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