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Webinar: Electrostatic discharge in semicon manufacturing

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6th March 2017

How Safe Are Your Devices?

Semiconductor device manufacturing requires multiple process steps to produce a finished product – as many as several hundred, depending on the device type.  Each individual step, furthermore, may include multiple wafer handling tasks involving different types of equipment. All of this complex maneuvering exposes the precious cargo to electrostatic charging. This presentation reviews how electrostatic charging can occur and the harmful effects that may result. Attendees will also learn of a new wafer handling material that can avoid costly losses arising from such charging.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand the fundamentals of electrostatic charging
  • Learn how charging can occur in semiconductor wafer handling
  • Understand the damage electrostatic charging causes
  • Discover how to minimize the risks of charging by using appropriate wafer contact materials

29 mins

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