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Spring Seals

Spring seals (also known as S-seals and all-in-one T-seals) comprise of a high modulus elastomer and two integrated anti-extrusion springs. They are used to effectively seal applications that are subject to:

spring seal

  • Large clearance gaps
  • High pressure (bi-directional)
  • Remote hardware makeup
  • Restricted access for seal installation
  • Chemical attack by oilfield media

PPE spring seals are available in unique combinations of elastomer materials not found elsewhere.

Steel springs offer optimum strength, however PEEK springs are ideal for low wear applications where metal-to-metal contact with the housing is a concern.

PPE spring seals provide a versatile sealing system for bi-directional pressure applications in static conditions. Commonly used in place of T-seals, spring seals are much easier to install, especially in ROV and restricted access situations. Spring seals are symmetrical in their cross section and so they can be used in both rod or piston grooves.

Spring seals can be manufactured in various standard or non-standard sizes allowing them to be retro-fitted into existing O-ring grooves.

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