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Monovat Gate Valves

MONOVAT® gates fitted with Perlast®, Kimura® and Nanofluor® elastomer seals deliver improved performance

MONOVAT® gates are widely used on semiconductor tool platforms. MONOVAT® gates fitted with PPE’s unique Perlast®Kimura® and Nanofluor® semiconductor grade elastomers deliver reduced particulation, improved yield and reduced cost of ownership.

Features of MONOVAT® Gates fitted with PPE materials:

  • Available in various sizes and profiles for different semiconductor manufacturing platforms.
  • A broad range of seal profiles designed to reduce localized stresses, resulting in improved seal performance and life time
  • Highest levels of plasma and chemical resistance
  • Ultra-pure elastomers minimize particulation in processing environments

Case Study Perlast® G67P on MONOVAT® achieved x3 increase in wafer yield

A major semiconductor manufacturer in Asia was experiencing problems with contamination and poor wafer yield in a Low-K CVD process on a Producer® tool. The dynamic MONOVAT® gates were fitted with a traditional white FFKM material and the gates had to be replaced every 15,000 - 30,000 wafers. 

Since using MONOVAT® gates fitted with Perlast® G67P, this chip producer achieves over 90,000 wafers, which represents a considerable cost saving. This reflects the ultra-pure material composition, superior chemical resistance and outstanding mechanical properties of Perlast® materials.

How can we help?  Contact us with your MONOVAT gate requirements.

MonoVat® is a registered trademark of VAT Vakuumventile AG.

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