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E-bands (E-seals)

Working in partnership with LAM engineers, PPE developed the first E-seals (or E-bands) for electrostatic chuck (ESC) assemblies.  PPE manufactures the custom-designed E-seals from it's Perlast perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) materials, proven to offer the highest levels of purity and performance.

PPE supplies a number of different E-seal sizes and geometries to fit various models of ESC.  Their purpose is to provide a barrier seal that protects the chuck from damage caused by arcing or plasma.  PPE's E-seals have been proven to reduce the cost of ownership to end-users and provide critical cost savings for LAM by reducing the number of replacement chucks supplied.

PPE continues to support LAM Research with a growing list of new process-enabling E-seals for different locations and applications.

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E-seal Elastomer Materials

Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
Perlast G67P 63 -15°C to +275°C Translucent beige LAM qualified
Perlast G65HP 65 -15°C to +275°C Light brown LAM qualified
Perlast G70CR 72 -42°C to +250°C Grey On test
Perlast G67G 68 -15°C to +300°C Grey LAM qualified
Perlast Helios G7HA 66 -15°C to +310°C Brown LAM qualified
Y60LT 63 -51°C to +200°C Grey On test
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