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What Ramadan means to me

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Ahead of Ramadan this month, we discussed the festival with Sheraj Deshmukh, Press Operative at PPE Blackburn, and asked him about the festival and what it meant to him personally.

Ramadan Kareen to all our friends, colleagues and customers across the world. We wish you a blessed month of peace, health and prosperity. 

"Ramadan is one of the sacred months of the Islamic calendar. During this month it is obligatory for every physically able adult to fast from dawn to dusk. It's one of the five pillars of Islam.

As every form of worship has a purpose in Islam, so has the act of fasting. It isn't just about the abstaining from food. It's also about obedience, self-control and discipline. One is expected to abstain from food and all sins during Ramadan. The purpose of fasting is to acknowledge one's creator, as well as strive to get closer to him. Another core purpose revolves around the understanding of the blessings and bounties from one's creator, and therefore understanding one's role in society - and as God's deputy, share his bounties and blessings with others.

The act of fasting in itself is associated with the experiences of the plight of the less fortunate in the world. So, an increase of charity goes hand in hand with fasting. Most Muslims give a minimum of 2.5% of their savings towards the poor. This act of compulsory worship is separate to voluntary charity.

During Ramadan, we're encouraged to increase other acts of worship. This includes additional night prayers, which are not compulsory but encouraged. Additionally, Muslims increase the recitation of the holoy book, so we're more aware of its teachings. It is more relevant to put emphasis on the recitation of the Quran during this month, since it was the month of Ramadan when the book was revealed."

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