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Local Primary School Receives Life-Saving Gift

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Precision Polymer Engineering doesn’t normally receive letters from 8-year old martial arts masters, so when one landed in our Blackburn office, we sat up and took notice!

Igor Hudaniec, son of PPE employee Daniel and student at the Masters of Martial Arts Academy in Blackburn, made an appeal to PPE requesting fundraising help for a defibrillator for Shadsworth Junior School – a local community school in the heart of one of the UK’s most deprived areas.

Igor made the very persuasive argument that a defibrillator is an important piece of equipment which could save a child’s life one day. We agreed with Igor, and proudly donated a defibrillator unit along with a full first aid training course for Igor’s teachers.

“PPE’s gift of a defibrillator for our school premises, and for the community to access in an emergency, will increase chances of survival for anyone in need,” said Jenny Hetherington, Headteacher at Shadsworth Junior School.

“Without your generous gift, the school would be unable to provide this community service. Thank you for helping us support our children and families in such a vital way.”

Igor’s letter was supported by Phil Turner, Head Coach at Masters of Martial Arts Academy in Blackburn. He spoke with us about the close work they do with North West Ambulance Service, and that their fundraising has already helped to supply 18 primary schools in the Blackburn area with these critical pieces of life-saving equipment.

“We’re extremely grateful that PPE responded to Igor’s letter”, said Mr Turner. “We started this fundraising drive around five years ago, and we’re delighted that PPE along with other companies in the region have helped to safeguard the wellbeing of our children and that of their local communities.”

First aid training sessions have already begun at Shadsworth Junior School, along with user sessions on a donated defibrillator we all hope will never be needed. Our thanks to Jenny Hetherington and Phil Turner for their enthusiasm on this project, and of course a special thanks to Igor for making it all happen!


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