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IDEX Foundation cash boost for local charities

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IDEX Foundation cash boost for local charities

Two local charities have secured a much-needed cash boost from the IDEX Foundation, allowing them to continue their vital work through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Homeless Aid and Lancashire Women were two of the charities included in a list of grants approved by the IDEX Foundation earlier this month. Together they have received donations totalling US$6,500, a lifeline particularly at a time where many charities are struggling to maintain their usual income streams.

We caught up with representatives from Homeless Aid and Lancashire Women to discuss the nature of the support offered by their respective charities, and to see how the donation will be used to help vulnerable local people.

Taylor Robinson, from Homeless Aid UK...

"Homeless Aid UK is focused on helping the homeless and those in need across Bolton and Greater Manchester. However, Homeless Aid became aware quite quickly of the effect Covid-19 was having on families in Bolton. We were getting a growing number of calls concerning families being unable to afford food, and we knew we had to do something about it. So along with feeding the homeless twice a day in Bolton, we decided to set up a food bank! Within a week of having the idea we were delivering food hampers to families in Bolton.

Working with the most vulnerable people in society is both challenging and rewarding. It’s clear to see how important the team are to so many people, not only providing them with food but taking the time out to hear their story. We show them that they aren’t just a number or a statistic. They are important, and they are fully deserving of the help and support our team give them.

The IDEX Foundation donation will be used towards the running of the food bank. Specifically, it’s a year’s rent for our food bank space, and being able to keep it open means we can feed thousands of people."



Adele Helm, from Lancashire Women

"Lancashire Women is a charity working to support women across the county in a variety of ways, from mental health and wellbeing group support sessions, through to debt advice and employment support. We also work within the criminal justice system, helping women to break the cycle of reoffending and reintegrate them safely back into the community.

Covid-19 has been incredibly challenging for us, as it has for charities up and down the country. Many of our clients suffer with mental health and financial problems, and the isolation around the pandemic and the anxieties caused by uncertain financial situations and furlough, it’s essential that we’ve been able to continue our work. Seeing people remotely and offering our advice and support has been a genuine lifeline to people.

We deliver these services completely free of charge, so any funding we receive makes a massive difference to the local community. A lot of our clients say we have changed their life. Some even say we saved them. That’s how much of a difference the IDEX Foundation donation will make for Lancashire Women."


“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to support so many important charities,” said Derrick Goddard, President of the IDEX Foundation.

“These charities and projects help some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, but they can’t do it without funding. We hope that our assistance can go some way to addressing food insecurity and supporting women in Blackburn and the surrounding area.”

The IDEX Foundation is a body dedicated to creating value and positively impacting local communities through a range of measures, including funding assistance, facilitating employee engagement, creating opportunities for the disadvantaged, and the promotion of education programs and skill development.


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