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Methanol Immersion Testing

Test Conditions
Five  elastomer grades; A90H, G92E, V91K, V91A and Z95X were tested in 100% methanol.

The test used BS1806-312 size O-rings. Test conditions were room temperature for 168 hours, with sampling intervals at 24hrs and 72hrs.

Test Procedure

  • Specimens of each material were immersed in methanol liquid under ambient conditions.
  • Volume was measured as per ASTM D297, and hardness as per ASTM D1414/1415; before immersion, at each interval and after 7 days immersion.
  • Hardness change in points and volume change in percent was calculated as per ASTM D471.
PropertyTime (Days)A90HG92EV91KV91AZ95X
Hardness Point Change IRHD1-2-1-35-18-9
Volume Swell %1214956

 Methanol Immersion Testing

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