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Material Operating Limits

Material Operating Limits

PPE GradeMaterial TypeDescriptionTR10 °C / °F Tg °C / °FOperating Temperature
EnDura® A90HFEPMAflas® based copolymer-0 / +320 to +250+32 to +482
Perlast® G92EFFKMRGD & chemical resistant grade-8 / +18-7 / +19-15 to +260+5 to +500
EnDura® V91AFKMUltra-low temperature grade-46 / -51-44 / -47-51 to +225-60 to +437
EnDura® V91KFKMLow temperature grade-35 / -31-35 / -31-41 to +225 -42 to +437
EnDura® Z95XHNBR General purpose grade --27 / -17  -29 to +180 -20 to +356


As materials cool they become steadily stiffer, ultimately becoming glassy and brittle. TR10 (ASTM D1329) and Tg (ASTM D7426) seek to give guidance as to when this occurs.  Sealing has been shown to be possible below this temperature; which is reflected in part in the lower operating limit.  The change to a glassy state is completely reversible, unlike the degradation that takes place at elevated temperatures.  All seals have a finite life, the upper operating limit seeks to give a guide as to the point at which an appreciable life can be attained.  Neither of these temperatures are absolute limits and short-term excursions are possible above the upper limit and in some situations sealing is possible below the lower limit; in certain cases far below.

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Aflas® is a trademark of the Asahi Glass Company.

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