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NES 337 Naval Standard O-rings

Defence Standard 02-337 (NES 337) defines O-ring seals used on UK Ministry of Defence Surface Ships & Submarines and their associated systems and equipment. Typical system applications include hydraulics, lubrication systems, fuel systems and pneumatics.

PPE offers a complete range of nitrile and fluorocarbon elastomer materials to meet the requirements of this specification.

In addition, PPE has also developed a range of Hydrogenated Nitrile elastomer materials which are now being used on high pressure air systems due to their improved service life compared to the standard nitrile materials.

PPE can provide NES 337 approved parts in the shortest lead-times available and all O-rings are manufactured to order, ensuring a new cure date.

PPE materials accepted for use by the UK Ministry of Defence under Defence Standard 02-337 (NES 337):

  • Medium Nitrile at 60, 70, 80 and 90 IRHD:  material grades N63B, N73B, N83B and N93B
  • High Nitrile at 60, 70, 80 and 90 IRHD:  material grades N63H, N73H, N83H and N93H
  • Fluoroelastomer at 70 IRHD:  material grade V72G
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