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Frequently asked questions related to the Solutions we offer at FTL

Q. What makes Precision Polymer Engineering different to other engineering companies?

A. At Precision Polymer Engineering, we take your sealing problem away and return with a fully engineered solution built around the precise needs of your application and industry. Every product and solution is optimised for the exact conditions under which it needs to perform. From the first call to our peerless aftersales service, it is our total approach to custom-engineered solutions which sets us apart. It's why Precision Polymer Engineering is a genuine one-stop-shop for bespoke sealing support.

Q. Can you show me what you've done for customers in the past?

A. We can tell you how innovative and customised our sealing solutions are, but we are incredibly proud of the fact that our customers tend to do much of the talking for us! We would encourage you to take a look at our Case Studies to get the best impression of the level of engineering support we routinely deliver.

Q. I have a problem but I don't know what I need! Can you help me?

A. Absolutely! Our engineers are never happier than when they've got a problem to solve. We'll listen to you, finding out everything we need to know about your application and industry, before designing and implementing a solution to exceed your expectations.

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