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Whitepaper: Understanding the difference between FKM and FFKM

FKM and FFKM material types share many similarities. However, it is understanding the differences between the two material families which is the critical factor in determining the appropriate sealing solution for any given specific application.

In this technical paper, we will cover some of the fundamentals of FKM and FFKM materials, investigating their respective strengths and weaknesses and the structural reasons for them, and the impact on their suitability for use in the most critical and
challenging of sealing applications.

What's in the Whitepaper?

In this whitepaper titled "Understanding the difference between FKM and FFKM" you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of FKM and FFKM elastomer materials
  • Strengths and weaknesses of both materials
  • How different cross-linking systems can affect chemical/steam resistance
  • Why these materials are commonly used for food/pharma applications and other critical sealing environments


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