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White Paper: How to Reduce the Cost of Seals Using Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the purchase price of an item plus all the other costs associated with its operation over its useful life. It represents a bigger picture look at what the item is and what its value is over time. There’s a big difference between the price of elastomer seals and their long-term cost.

It is common that underperforming sealing material is used due to lower initial cost, however the subsequent costs of replacements, installation and maintenance end up making total cost of ownership much higher than correctly selected materials.

In this White Paper we outline how to analyse your cost of ownership for sealing materials and how to reduce installation and maintenance costs.

 White Paper: How to reduce the cost of seals using TCO

What's in the White Paper?

In our white paper on Total Cost of Ownership, you will learn:

  • Understanding how Total Cost of Ownership impacts elastomer seal selection
  • How to increase cost savings by cutting down on both installation and maintenance time
  • How to highlight opportunities for cost saving by completing cost of ownership analysis
  • Why sealing material selection is so important when it comes to maximising up time and reducing waste spend
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