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Brochures - Materials
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PPE Brochure

An introduction to Precision Polymer Engineering

Sealing Solutions for food, pharma & life-science

An overview of the products and services available from PPE for the food, pharma and life-science industries.

NES337 Naval Brochure

A guide to MOD approved materials for O-rings used on ships and submarines.

Sealing Solutions for Semiconductor Applications

An overview of the products and services available from PPE for the semiconductor industry.

Sealing Solutions for Oil & Gas

An overview of the products and services available from PPE for the oil & gas industry.

Explosive Decompression Resistant Elastomers

A summary of international ED test standards (NORSOK, TOTAL, NACE & ISO23936) plus details of which PPE materials meet each standard.

Sour Gas Resistant Elastomers

A summary of international H2S test standards (NORSOK, API 6A & ISO10423) and details of which PPE materials have been tested and certified.

Perlast ICE

The ultimate perfluoroelastomers for sealing applications where chemical resistance and extreme low temperature performance are critical.

Kimura Elastomers

A unique range of fully organic elastomers for semiconductor sealing applications which demand extreme plasma resistance.

Detectaseal Elastomers

A range of x-ray and metal detectable elastomers for food processing applications where contamination containment is critical.

EnDura Elastomers

The ultimate range of elastomers for sealing applications in the World's most aggressive high pressure environments.

Elastomers for Diesel & Gas Engines

Details PPE grades formulated for diesel and gas engines used in the marine and power generation industries.

Perlast Perfluoroelastomers for Food & Pharma

An overview of the products, applications and benefits of using Perlast perfluoroelastomers in food, pharma & biomedical applications.

Perlast perfluoroelastomers for Oil & Gas

An overview of the various products, applications and benefits of using Perlast® perfluoroelastomers in the oil and gas industry.

MicroFORM brochure

Micro molded high performance elastomer components for critical applications.

Brochures - Products
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Dissipative End Effectors

End effectors pads utilizing advanced dissipative elastomers to reduce electrostatic discharge damage.

Spring Seals

Spring seals for use on oilfield equipment operating in extreme high pressures and aggressive chemicals.

HyClamp Hygienic Gaskets

Hygienic gaskets for pipe couplings used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical process lines.

Technical Information
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Elastomer Chemical Compatibility

A guide to the chemical compatibility of over 1000 different media against the main polymer types.

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