PPE seals reduce costs and improve patient experience


New seal design for OEM of portable Haemodialysis machine used by patients at home.


The SelfCare+ machine receives water from a reverse osmosis machine, heats it to body temperature and then, using a disposable cartridge, it generates high quality bicarbonate-based dialysate on demand. Incumbent Nitrile O-rings required high forces to close the machine door, which required reinforcement. Failure to seal between door and cartridge results in leakage of acids and other transfer media.


PPE designed a new door seal using silicone materials S60A (blue) and S60H (white) which was validated using FEA and physical testing. Desired closure force was attained, allowing the OEM to design a lighter door thus improving the patient experience.


Improved patient experience, increased life-time of seals, reduced forced maintenance periods and significant cost savings.

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